Woolfson Eye Institute acquired a successful Snellville general ophthalmology practice last year which has since been converted into a co-management referral center so that local eye doctors can send their patients in need of surgical or other ophthalmic care. The office recently relocated in Snellville to a new space at 1567 Janmar Road and reopened last month. 

Jonathan Woolfson, MD, practice founder and the most experienced LASIK surgeon in the Southeast said opened his LASIK practice in 2000 and added other subspecialist eye care providers to his practice over the years. “My position back when LASIK was a new procedure was that referring doctors wouldn’t send their patients across town indefinitely for a procedure available locally. That philosophy holds true for other advanced ophthalmic procedures as well.”

The new Snellville office will be managed by Will Martinez, who previously managed personnel in the main Woolfson office in Sandy Springs, and said, “I’m excited to help deliver the services of these awesome clinicians to the patients and referring doctors in Snellville.”

The Woolfson-Snellville location will offer a variety of specialists. Retina patients will be seen by Rabeea Janjua, MD. LASIK, dry eye and keratoconus patients will be seen optometrists, Drs. Lauren Dyak, Gabriella Gutierrez, and Krishma Zaver. Patients seeking blepharoplasty or other oculoplastic procedures will be seen by Victor Liou, MD. Glaucoma coverage will be offered by Jenna Yoder, DO. Cataract, cornea and refractive patients will be handled by Eric Jennings, MD. Brian Salmenson, MD has already been providing a wide array of eye health services in the Snellville office and will continue treatment of cataracts, pterygia, retina and glaucoma in the new location.

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