The countdown to the holidays is on. While kids are busy writing their wish lists, adults are crafting their holiday menus. And with a little planning and creativity, those meal plans won’t turn your holiday spirit into holiday stress. The National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA) wants to make this year your easiest and most delicious holiday season yet. With tasty recipes, time-saving tips and a host of cool, creative shortcuts from the freezer and dairy aisles, your holiday celebrations will be less stressful and more flavorful.


  • Be Prepared: Stock your fridge and freezer with snacks, treats and more. From frozen fruit to pizza rolls and cheeses to yogurt, there’s a variety of grab-and-go and heat-and-eat items that are perfect to have ready for hungry family and friends any time of the day.
  • Keep It Easy: Cut out the prep with pre-cut frozen veggies! The Freezer and Dairy aisles are full of ready-to-use foods to ease your cooking stress. Plus, you’ll waste less by using only what you need and putting the rest back in the freezer for the next time.
  • Skip From-Scratch: Using frozen appetizers and desserts saves time and the hassle of cooking and baking everything yourself. Add a splash of fresh herbs, a savory sauce, a drizzle of chocolate or more, and they’ll look (and taste) just like they’re homemade.


  • Kick off your celebration with crowd-pleasing frozen appetizers and hors d’oeuvres – just add a festive sauce or dip
  • Plain yogurt makes the perfect base to a number of holiday dips
  • Frozen veggies and sides like riced cauliflower and broccoli are pre-washed and ready to steam in the bag – it doesn’t get easier
  • Kids will love using festive cookie cutters on ready-to-bake cookie dough
  • Whipped cream on just about any dessert is the perfect way to end a delicious holiday meal
  • Picky eaters might prefer frozen finger foods or heat-and-eat dishes like frozen chicken tenders and mac and cheese – look for veggie options for additional nutrients

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